Rural Fire Fighting Equipment

Fires are unpredictable, can spread quickly and a fire can change direction at any time. At SourcePro we understand that and we know that protecting life, livestock and property are your priority when it comes to bushfire season. We have access to a large range of Australian designed and manufactured Specialist Fire Fighting equipment for various fire scenarios from bushfires to a small fire getting out of hand.

From “Grab and go” Backpack sprayers, to compact designed ATV, UTV, UTE and Trailer mounted fire equipment options will ensure quick deployment in emergency situations.

As we have seen the last few years, bushfires in Australia can quickly turn into a national emergency in bushfire season. Having the right rural fire fighting equipment and accessories on hand can make all the difference when living on land. In dry and windy conditions, a small fire can turn into a bushfire causing incomprehensible damage. Whether you need a fire fighting backpack or a portable fire fighting tank fire hoses bushfire nozzles to fit on the back of your ute or other vehicle, Sourcepro Equipment have the quality fire fighting supplies you need to help protect what matters in critical situations.

Whether you need to combat a small fire or protect your property from a larger scale fire, you will need water supply to fill up a portable tank or backpack with a pressure pump.

Having reliable fire fighting equipment is not just essential for bushfire preparation in Australia and to help with ember attacks. Prevent a fire outbreak when burning off or backburning an area by keeping a portable fire fighting unit filled with water ready in case the fire spreads. 

When it comes to protecting property, the Sourcepro rural fire fighting equipment range helps protect you and your property from fire faster and safer, call us know to discuss your needs.

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